Point of Sale Septic Inspection

Point of Sale Septic Inspections

We Have Access to Licensed & Experienced Septic Inspectors

When Selling your Home 

When it comes time to sell, you will need a septic inspection to ensure it is in proper working order and meets state, county and city code, if applicable. We have access to licensed & experienced septic inspectors. The typical cost for a septic inspection in under $500.  If you are thinking of selling, contact us today.

Required to Pull a Permit for Home Additions & Renovations

In addition to selling a home, home improvements also require a septic inspection before you pull a permit for an addition or renovation. We have access to licensed & experienced septic inspectors.  For a point of sale septic inspection, septic design, a new septic system, septic tank service, septic tank repair, septic tank replacement, septic drain field service, septic drain field repair, septic drain field replacement, contact SMP today, your local septic system contractor.