Rip Rap-Erosion Control

Rip Rap-Lakeshore Erosion Control

Retaining Walls-Rough and Final Grade

Lakeshore property with shoreline exposed to large waves, like Mille Lacs Lake, or lakeshore owners with low lying property in sandy soil find it a never ending battle to preserve a beach area or protect their cabin or home from encroaching water. At SMP we get it and can help. If you have never heard of Rip Rap, it is defined as: loose stone used to form a foundation for a breakwater or other structure. We can help you both preserve a beach area and protect your property.

In addition to rip rap, we also can design, construct and install retaining walls of all kinds, like for lakeshore property on hills or a steep slope. For a rip rap or retaining wall estimate, contact SMP today.