Septic Design

Septic System Design

We Have Access to Licensed & Experienced Septic Designers

A septic design the first step to replacing an old septic system and installing a new one.  They typically cost around $650.  A septic system design is required before you pull a permit.

There is a lot of content online about designing a septic system for DIY’ers, but this is not something you can do on your own.  A septic design must be done by a licensed professional. There are a number of factors that need to be considered, such as the type of soil the proposed system will be built on, which will determine if your system will be below ground or a mound system. Getting what the neighbor has is not the best rule of thumb either.  For septic design, a new septic system, septic tank service, septic tank repair, septic tank replacement, septic drain field service, septic drain field repair, septic drain field replacement, contact SMP today, your local septic system contractor.