Septic Repairs

Septic Tank Repair and Service

Riser Repair, Broken Pipes, Pumps & Sewage Backups

Many of the repairs SMP preforms does not include the use of a skid steer or backhoe, fortunately.  Sometimes mound systems leak, which most likely is caused by a broken pipe inside the mound.  Fixing the drain field requires knowledge and expertise to quickly diagnose and efficiently repair to save the property owner downtime and money.  For repairs large and small, we have the experience and skill to get your system working again inexpensively.  Most of the repair we do fall into these categories: pump replacement, septic pipe repair, unclogging a sewage backup and riser repair.

For septic tank service, septic tank repair or drain field repair, contact us today!  We are your local septic system contractor.

Septic Riser Repair

Septic riser get run over frequently on people’s property, when that happens dirt gets into the pump. Typically we can repair septic risers quickly. Contact us today septic tank service or septic tank repair.

High Water Alarms

An alarm going off usually means the pump is malfunctioning. Typically we can repair this quickly for minimal cost. Contact us today septic tank service or septic tank repair.