Homes Seller’s Septic Program

Home Seller’s Septic Program

Pay When you Close

It is no gimmick, but a win/win for our business and home sellers in this seller’s market.   Many sellers don’t have the funds to replace an outdated septic system to meet the current code requirements. About ten days before closing, we will come to install the new septic system. Seller’s pay at the closing table from their sale proceeds. Prior to installing the new septic system, the sellers need to sign a pre-lien waver. If no sale happens in 100 days, SMP will file and record a lien on the property with the county for the final bill plus some interest accrued. When the bill is paid, SMP will remove the lien. To schedule a consultation on the Home Seller’s Septic Program, contact us today.

Not Selling? County Grants & Loans for Septic Replacement

If you are not selling but need help financing a septic system replacement, we can help you facilitate a grant or loan from the county you live in. Applicants for grants and the loans need to meet some criteria, however. For example, a household of one person making up to $46,050 could qualify for the grant, two persons up to $52,650, and so on depending on the number of members living in the household. On the other hand, loans are for a 5 to a 10-year term at just 3% annual interest. To learn more about Sherburne County’s program visit http://www.co.sherburne.mn.us/zoning/septic/financialAid.php.  If you live in another county, visit your county’s website.  If you need help facilitating a grant or loan, or a point of sale septic inspection, septic design, a new septic system, septic tank service, septic tank repair, septic tank replacement, septic drain field service, septic drain field repair, septic drain field replacement, contact SMP today, your local septic system contractor.